Response Services Group UK are part of the contracted team to help move Bloods, Specialist Nurses and Organs throughout the UK.

RSGUK have been involved in the transportation services to NHS Blood and Transplant services for over 5 years and will continue to support our NHS Contractor counterparts.

NHS Blood and Transplant is an executive non-departmental public body of the United Kingdom's Department of Health and Social Care. It was established on 1 October 2005 to take over the responsibilities of two separate NHS agencies: UK Transplant (now renamed Organ Donation and Transplantation), founded by Dr. Geoffrey Tovey in 1972,[1] and the National Blood Service[2] (now renamed Blood Donation).

Its remit is to provide a reliable, efficient supply of blood, organs and associated services to the NHS. Since NHSBT was established, the organisation has maintained or improved the quality of the services delivered to patients, stabilised the rising cost of blood, and centralised a number of corporate services.

Transport for transplant is an extremely rewarding venture; it is one of those satisfying careers that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling; knowing you are helping the chain of life cycle. Being a reliable transport company, using up to date vehicles and equipment. Ensures we not only deliver to our clients each time, every time. But that we deliver a service to the unknown patients who need our services.

 We as an organisation can cater for many transportation roles that is needed from any organisation, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles for all eventualities or times of need including foul weather 4x4 vehicles – ensuring we get the packages to the right place at the right time.


We are experts in Transport for Transplant solutions and an accredited provider to NHS Blood & Transplant and other NHS services. 

All vehicles are:

  • Tracked 24/7 – with up to date data shared with NHS Blood and Transplant Coordinators

  • Radio systems – allow communications anywhere in UK

  • Bluetooth Phone

  • Satellite Navigation

  • Toughbook computer

  • Medical Response Bag

  • Oxygen

  • Yellow Beacon for airside

  • Comprehensive Breakdown kits

  • Hi Visibility

  • Food and Drink Supplies

  • Organ Box securing anchor points

We only use the most modern and up to date vehicles for transporting organs and bloods. We ensure all our vehicles are comfortable and relaxing for the movement of specialist nurses.




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