Response Services Group UK Ltd, delivers mandatory training in the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA). Our training is delivered to all of our employees who work within the Non-Emergency Patient Transport and Secure Transport Division.

This training is delivered at our training centre in Barnsley South Yorkshire. It encompasses many different forms of training, including classroom learning, physical hands on role plays. All our training is conducted in a safe and controlled environment and we ensure the safety of all who train with us, however, we do deliver training which is realistic and physical giving the students some real life experience.

This helps develop our staff members and ensures they are prepared for the challenges they face when carrying out Secure Transfers.

As part of this mandatory training we cover the following:

•    Mental Health Act 1983
•    Mental Capacity Act 2005
•    Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards or use of restraint
•    Sections (Various types and their implementation)
•    Medications
•    The law surrounding Secure Transportation
•    Situational Awareness – hospitals and service stations
•    Earning trust
•    Stepwise approach to the role
•    Handovers
•    Interaction with Hospitals and staff
•    Dementia (All levels)
•    Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Levels 2 and 3
•    Safeguarding of Vulnerable Children Level 2 and 3
•    Various Mental Health Conditions
•    Dynamic Risk Assessments
•    Hospital procedures
•    PUWER

As part of this course candidates are taught methods of Control and Restraint, taught by a qualified Control and Restraint instructor. Although we teach Control and Restraint as a last option, we steadily prepare candidates to be able to react in a moment of stress and upset for the service users. We ensure we teach candidates to be calm and use the approved and relevant techniques. This training includes:
•    Physical intervention & Disengagement
•    Effective use of Mechanical Restraint equipment (handcuffs)

We cover mechanical restraints in the form of:

•    Rigid Speed cuffs
•    Chain Link Handcuffs
•    Velcro Soft Cuffs (NHS Approved)

Our restraint element of the course is to show a step wise approach to the use of mechanical restraint, carrying out a dynamic risk assessments and using the necessary steps to the application of a mechanical restraint product.

Our course has been written and designed with the service user and the staff member at the forefront of the training. We immerse the trainee in the environment they will be working and operating. Our course has many key areas, including:

Our Level Three course is a sought after course and recently we have delivered this to other organisations. We are able to deliver this endorsed course to Hospitals, Secure Units, Police and other agencies. Anyone who requires an underpinning knowledge in the interactions with service users.

RSGUK have moved secure patients for attendance at court, picked up from police custody to return to hospital, returned to prison, taken from care homes and moved to more suitable residential treatment centres.


RSGUK have a multitude of experience and skills. All of RSGUK Transport Staff are trained in the above course, covering these exacting standards ensuring they are fully prepared, compliant and ready for the work we undertake. As we are CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered and regulated, we ensure our team are working to highest of standards at all times.






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